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Dirty Burger with Beetroot

With a tangy beetroot surprise to add that extra flavour to mouth watering maple glazed bacon - this Dirty Burger recipe has everything you need to satisfy all your burger cravings!

Difficulty Medium
Time 1 hour
Serves 4
  • 500g minced beef

    1 egg yolk

    2 tablespoons of parsley

    Salt & pepper

    1 jar of Baxters Sliced Beetroot

    8 rashers of streaky bacon

    20ml maple syrup

    20g brown sugar

    4 brioche buns

    Rocket leaves

    Sliced tomato

    4 slices of Monterey jack cheese

Sliced Beetroot
Sliced Beetroot
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Mix the minced beef, parsley, egg yolk and seasoning together in a bowl.

Form 4 x 125g patties and shape, then chill for 30 minutes to set.

In the meantime place the bacon on a tray, brush with maple syrup and sprinkle with sugar.

Place in preheated oven at 190°C for 10-12 minutes until crispy and glazed.

Drain the sliced beetroot and pat dry on a paper towel.

In a hot pan cook the burgers for 3 minutes on either side.

Place a slice of cheese on each burger and set aside whilst you prepare your buns.

Slice in half and toast the brioche buns.

To assemble the burgers layer up tomato, rocket and place on with your burger with cheese.

Then top with the sliced beetroot and glazed bacon, and enjoy!


Using beef mince with 12-20% fat gives a juicier burger

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