Carefully sourced and checked twice, if our beetroot isn’t pick of the crop we don’t pick it. Then we apply our unique Baxters method for cooking and preparing it, so that every delicious bite is bursting full of our famous flavour.

River Spey

Since 1929, water from the idyllic Spey Valley has been an essential ingredient in every one of our famous soups.


When we needed beautiful smoked haddock for our now famous Cullen Skink we looked no further than a local, traditional smokehouse.


All of our potatoes are sourced from Maxwell’s, a family-run farm located in Turrif, Aberdeenshire who Baxters have worked with for over 20 years.


We have worked with Graham’s dairies for nearly 20 years, getting fresh cream from their farm in Nairn close to our production site. We find that its rich, velvety texture enhances the flavour of our recipes, making them even more delicious.