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Sesame Crusted Tofu

A sharing dish to impressive guests this summer, that’s if you want to share…

Difficulty Medium
Time 1 hour
Serves 2
Diet Vegetarian
  • 500g Firm Tofu

    70g white sesame seeds

    50g black sesame seeds

    1 lime, zested

    70g coriander, chopped

    50g panko breadcrumbs

    50g cornflour


    Black pepper

    100g aquafaba

    1 jar of Baxters Salad Beets

    1 tbsp tahini

    100ml soy sauce

    20g honey

    1 clove of garlic, peeled and crushed

    30ml sesame oil

    100g spring onions

    100ml rapeseed oil

Salad Beets
Salad Beets
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Drain the tofu, pressing with kitchen roll to remove excess liquid.

Drain the Baxters Salad Beets, retaining the vinegar.

For the marinade, mix 20ml of the sesame oil, 50ml of the soy sauce, 50ml of the beetroot vinegar plus the garlic.

Pour over the tofu and allow to marinade for at least 30 minutes.

Mix the panko breadcrumbs, lime zest and 50g of coriander with the black sesame seeds and 50g of the white sesame seeds.

In a separate bowl, add the aquafaba then in another bowl, add the cornflour.

Drain the tofu and place in the cornflour to coat, pat to remove any excess then add to the aquafaba.

Finally, coat the tofu in the breadcrumb mix, repeating with each slice.

To make the dipping sauce, mix the tahini, soy sauce, honey, remaining sesame oil and white sesame seeds with 50ml of beetroot vinegar.

Add the diced beetroot to the dipping sauce.

To cook the tofu, shallow fray on a medium heat in the rapeseed oil until the breadcrumb coating is golden.

Serve immediately, sprinkling over the remaining coriander, spring onions and seeds with the dipping sauce.

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