Well you’ve come to the right place! Our Veggie Goodness and Super Good soups are packed with good for you ingredients and are the perfect easy go-to lunch to warm you up this Winter.

Nutritionist Lily Soutter has been looking into the health benefits of our soups and has come up with her own ideas as to how to give them an extra nutritious boost with some delicious toppers.

Read her insights & tips for two of our favourite soups below!

There’s no need to sacrifice a healthy and balanced diet. Often when it’s cold outside we reach for ‘quick fix’ stodgy comfort foods, however, nourishing soup can be just as warming and satisfying particularly on those darker autumnal days.

Tomato, Orange & Ginger Super Good Soup

  • Ginger is the hero ingredient within this soup. Ginger is particularly rich in a plant chemical called gingerol, which has anti-inflammatory properties and is totally warming and soothing.
  • Lycopene is an antioxidant responsible for the bright red colour of this tomato soup, and this plant chemical is currently under research for a whole host of benefits including heart health. What’s more, the content of lycopene tends to be higher in canned tomatoes in comparison to fresh!

Top it with…

Lily’s recommended toppings for our Tomato, Orange & Ginger Soup are fresh chillies, pesto, roasted chickpeas, smoked paprika and pea shoots!

Many fear canned soup - but as long as you choose one made with quality ingredients, free from artificial preservatives, colourings, flavourings + excess salt and sugar, they can be super handy for busy, time poor people who would have otherwise chosen something less nourishing!

Carrot & Butter Bean Veggie Goodness Soup

  • Butter Beans provide a source of protein and fibre, both of which help keep hunger at bay!
  • Carrots are rich in beta-carotene, the precursor to vitamin A, which is a key nutrient to support immune function throughout Autumn.

Top it with…

Lily loves topping our Carrot & Butter Bean Soup with an array of comforting ingredients; roasted wholegrain croutons with a drizzle of olive oil, crispy kale, a sprinkle of feta, dried onions and a cooked sprinkle of black pepper.

We'd love to see what you enjoy topping your bowl of Baxters with, so feel free to share any photos on Instagram with the hashtag #BaxtersSouperBowl

For more top tips from Lily you can find her on Instagram here.