We’ve been the lead sponsor of the Loch Ness Marathon for 18 years and we’re proud to have around 30 runners from Baxters taking part in the 5k, 10k and marathon!

Whether it’s your first marathon or your 100th we hope you’re looking forward to it, and are sure you’ll love the beautiful route along the banks of Loch Ness.

To help you prepare we’ve pulled together 19 top tips to help you in the lead up to and on race day!

1. Ignore the maranoia, or pre-marathon paranoia, it’s just your mind playing tricks on you.

2. Vaseline & Compeed blister plasters can help many of your sore bits after a long training run.

3. Take it easy. It may feel strange during the taper to cut your mileage right down, but trust your training plan and save up some of that energy for the big day

4. Make the most of your pre-race carb load! We love a simple salmon pasta but go for whatever works for you. Just try not to overdo it, that’s for your post-race celebrations!

5. Stay well hydrated by making sure you take on plenty of water the day before the race, and drinking little and often at the water stops around the route.

6. Keep an eye on the weather forecast in the lead-up to the race so you’re well prepared on the day; however, in the Highlands the weather is very changeable so be sure to bring some options in your suitcase!

7. Fuelling is important! Whether it’s your morning porridge, a banana to have on the bus or some jelly babies to munch on the way round, make sure you’ve got plenty to eat.

8. Lay your kit out the night before. You don’t want to find out in the morning that you’ve forgotten an essential piece of gear.

9. Don’t try anything new on race day! (apart from maybe a fresh pair of your favourite running socks)

Stick to what you’ve used and run with on your training runs and you’ll be just fine.

10. Try not to go off too quickly. With over 5,000 runners on the day it can be easy to get dragged along a little faster than usual for the first few miles, but stick to what you’re comfortable with.

11. Be prepared for a few undulations on the route!

12. Keep an eye out for Nessie whilst you’re running alongside Loch Ness, we’ve heard she likes to show face on race day…

13. Enjoy that finish line feeling, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of finishing a marathon!

14. Look out for the Baxters recipe card in your goody bag - there will be two delicious recipes using Baxters products that you can reward yourself with later in the week!

15. Bring along some comfy shoes for after the race – even if it’s Uggs, Crocs or flip flops, we won’t judge!

16. Be sure to make the most of the Event Village after the race – there will be lots of great food on offer, kids’ activities & live music.

17. Task your support crew with getting your post-race treat, we can recommend chocolate milk & salted crisps!

18. Wear that medal with pride! After the race you have free rein to wear it for the rest of the day, whether that’s in your recovery bath, to the shops or out to dinner!

19. Have fun! Although this might sound like a difficult thing to do during a marathon it can be done, just make sure to soak up the race-day atmosphere and don’t put too much pressure on yourself.