Breakfast Bagel

This super stacked bagel is an easy veggie brunch bringing together buttery scrambled eggs, perfectly fried mushrooms, sweet oven-roasted tomatoes, salty halloumi, fresh spinach, creamy avocado and our tangy Red Onion Deli Toppers!

Difficulty Easy
Time 15 mins
Serves 4
Diet Vegetarian
  • 4 Bagels

    4 Eggs

    1 Tsp Butter

    30ml Milk

    Salt and pepper

    100g Spinach

    2 Large Tomatoes

    2 Large Portobello Mushrooms

    1 tbsp Rapeseed Oil

    1 Ripe Avocado

    1 jar of Baxters Red Onion Deli Toppers

Red Onion Deli Toppers
Red Onion
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Whisk the butter with the eggs before cooking for the perfect scrambled egg consistency.

Whisk the eggs with the butter and season.

Place in a heavy bottomed pan over a very low heat and stir regularly to avoid sticking.

Meanwhile slice the tomato and mushroom and drizzle with oil and season.

Place under a hot grill and cook for 2 minutes on each side.

Half and destone the avocado, cut in quarters, slice and season.

Toast the bagels under the grill or in toaster.

When the eggs are ready remove from heat and assemble the bagels.

Place the bottoms on the serving plate and top with spinach, then the egg, tomato, avocado, mushrooms then finish with the Red Onion Deli Toppers.

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