Stay Full Challenge

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Stay Full Challenge
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What is it?

The Baxters nutritionist has devised a unique step-by-step two week healthy eating plan that will help to maintain a nutritionally balanced diet and curb calorie filled cravings.

  • Helps maintain a nutritionally balanced diet
  • Boosts energy levels
  • Curbs calorie filled cravings
  • Reduces unhealthy snacking throughout the day

What do I need to do?

  1. Download the two week meal planner
  2. Follow the Stay Full Challenge, which offers daily meal options comprising one can of Baxters Stay Full soup a day for either lunch or dinner, a healthy lunch time or evening meal, plus a slow release breakfast and a selection of healthy snacks
  3. For best results also check out the 12 top exercise tips and the tips for staying healthy!
  4. ... and feel the difference after 2 weeks!

The menu suggestions are packed full of everything you need to maintain a balanced diet including lots of lean protein, balanced carbohydrates, fruits, vegetables and fibre. Energy boosting breakfasts include porridge and wholegrain toasts and lunch and dinner options include tasty and satisfying meals such as stir-fries, salads, grilled salmon with steamed vegetables and lamb & chickpea stew.

Satiety Boosting

Studies show that certain foods make us feel fuller for longer after meals. For example, foods high in protein or fibre (roughage) deliver a slower release of energy into the body, curbing hunger and appetite in the short-term.

Foods and drinks which promote satiety help people to snack less and can reduce their risk of piling on the pounds. Satiety boosters include fibre-rich foods, such as wholegrains, beans, pulses, vegetables and nuts, and high protein foods, such as lean meat, eggs, fish, poultry and soya.

Baxters' Stay Full soups make it easier for people to choose satiety boosters, because they are high in protein, and contain naturally fibre-rich ingredients such as buckwheat, beans, butternut squash and broccoli.

The Stay Full Challenge focuses on satiety boosters and helps you to eat more healthily in the process. The two-week plan provides lots of variety and guarantees at least 5 portions of fruit or vegetables daily.

Find out more about the Baxters Stay Full Range

Top tips for staying healthy

  1. Start the day with a wholegrain breakfast cereal and a refreshing glass of pure juice.
  2. Avoid the mid-morning munchies by keeping a well-stocked fruit bowl on your desk.
  3. Always have a large glass of water before meals to take the edge off your hunger
  4. Enjoy a warming bowl of Baxters Stay Full soup for lunch or supper. The specially-selected ingredients are designed to banish hunger.
  5. Fight the post-lunch dip with a high carb snack, such as a banana or a slice of wholegrain toast and honey.
  6. Never go food shopping on an empty stomach. Top up with a cereal bar or some dried fruit before setting off for the supermarket.
  7. A drink after work? Alternate between low calorie soft drinks and alcohol to avoid stimulating your appetite.
  8. Grab a high protein snack, e.g. a handful of nuts, before social occasions so you’re less likely to demolish the buffet.
  9. Double up on veg at your evening meal to boost fibre levels.
  10. Round off your evening with a bit of sweetness by choosing yogurt with fruit puree, or a tasty tin of rice pudding.
  11. Aim for healthy drinks at meals, such as water, tea, fruit juice, diluting juice or low fat milk